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Puff on a Faster, Better Shisha with a Top-Rated Vapour Pen

We are a provider of enticing, trusted items. Authentic Shisha is often misunderstood to be an absolutely safer alternative to cigarettes. However the results of numerable recent studies done on the effects of smoking hookah tend to support the opposite claim. Because Shisha typically contains tobacco, it affects a smoker’s health in a similar manner as cigarette smoke. This surprises many people because they often take comfort in the pleasant … Read More →

All About Electronic Shisha

As the name suggests E-Shisha is the electronic form of Shisha and closely resembles an electronic cigarette, although they aren’t the same thing. They were designed to be an electronic version of smoking Shisha, which is also known as Hookah. The traditional smoking of Shisha is in the form of a pipe but Electronic Shisha (E-Shisha) Pens are more closely related to the shape of a cigarette or small tube … Read More →

Shisha Travels from the Middle East to the Western World – Electronic Shisha

Is 21st Century Electronic Shisha a Healthier Alternative? For those who aren’t aware, Electronic Shisha Pens were developed to resemble real Shisha, or Hookah, that involves smoking tobacco through a pipe and water. The tobacco is often flavoured and produces vast amounts of smoke, attributes that smokers around the globe enjoy. Real shisha originated in Middle Eastern countries, with Pakistan and India being the first to use them regularly. However, … Read More →

The Similarities between E-Shisha & E-Cigarettes

E-Shisha (Electronic Shisha) got its name from Shisha, or Hookah, which is the smoking of flavoured tobacco usually using an extravagant looking pipe. The name has been adapted to an electronic version that doesn’t look much like the original Shisha, although it has the same principles, namely offering a flavoursome taste and producing lots of smoke, however, the smoke isn’t from tobacco since Electronic Shisha doesn’t contain any, nor does … Read More →