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Electronic Shisha E-Cigarette Starter Kit (White)

£18.00 £9.00

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E-Cigarette Starter Kit – What you get:

  • Highly Durable Long Lasting Carry Case
  • Rechargeable Via USB Charger.
  • Replaceable & Disposable.
  • 2 ‘Golden Tobacco’ Refills Included To Get You Started

Key Features:

  • Smooth Tasting
  • Patented Design Made To US/UK/EU Standards
  • Clean & Healthy
  • Works Out Approximately 77% Cheaper Than Cigarettes
  • Legal Everywhere 
  • Reusable With Refills

Electronic Shisha Reviews


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E-cigarettes are fast becoming a popular way to smoke, offering numerous benefits over traditional cigarettes. While we are unable to recommended you use these as a smoke cessation device, e-cigarettes are a great way to enjoy your smoke while avoiding some of the pitfalls regular smoking presents:

  • Smoke free – the “smoke” from e-cigarettes is just water vapour. Essentially, there e-cigarettes have zero tar (a major problem with normal cigarettes).
  • Less chemicals – it’s well known that normal cigarettes have thousands of chemicals in them. E-cigarettes contain less than five, all of which are safe and often used in common household food.
  • Smoke anywhere – E-cigarettes allow you to enjoy your smoking indoors, away from the cold and rain.
  • Smell free – There is virtually no smell from e-cigarettes, and any smell emitted will only be of the flavour – and few people will complain if you smell like a fruit!
  • Cheaper – at around 77% cheaper than cigarettes, e-cigarettes offer a clear financial incentive to make the switch.
  • Lots of variety – refillable e-cigarettes offer a whole new world of flavour.

With many benefits, it’s unsurprising that many smokers are turning to e-cigarettes. The revolution is here to stay, and it is clear that e-cigarettes are a popular, viable and wallet-friendly market alternative that has helped millions to enjoy smoking in a cleaner way! At just £10, try our starter kit today! Coming in a stylish carry case with three refillable “cartomizers”, this kit is a great e-smoking option.

Weight 0.070 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5.6 × 2 in

Black, White

  1. Hayley

    Thank you so much… Been a great help!

  2. Frankie

    An amazing bit of kit!

  3. Jay O’Donnel

    Good piece of kit, well built, but personally I prefer the Ego Sticks. Could do with some extra flavours to make it 5 stars.

  4. Gregory

    When my wife became pregnant she asked me to switch to e-cigarettes and I bought this kit. Good product and wife is satisfied!

  5. Ollie22

    Just bought this with my Ego stick as it so cheap… Seem’s just like the ones I tried from skycig, but at a third of the price. Still prefer my Ego stick but the for the price this one has to be a winner.

  6. P.Kitley22

    Cheap, straight forward. 100 times better than cigarettes and a lot cheaper too!

  7. Zoey

    Bought for Dad to try and tempt him into stop smoking. The kit seems okay, looks good and does the job. But he is still smoking so not happy. It hasn’t done the job I bought it for.

  8. Debra

    Really good flavour, one of, if not the best I’ve tried, but the battery life is short. Shame as otherwise an excellent little ecig.

  9. D. Webb

    Perfect for anyone who wants something similar in size and shape to Cigarettes. Personally I prefer this size as it feels a bit more natural in the hand and easier to use.

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