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X6 Lavatube from Kamry (Full Kit)


  • 1 * Powerful 1300mAh variable voltage battery, 1 * USB Charger, 1 * Carry Pouch, 1 * Atomizer, 1 * Universal Big Tank Adapter
  • Complete Kit
  • Solid Design, yet Lightweight
  • LED Light
  • Battery Length 10cm
  • Genuine Product from Kamry with Authentication
(6 customer reviews)

The Kamry X6 Lavatube is a mid range device with strength. Complete with a 1300mah variable voltage battery this personal vaporizer puts both power and control at your fingertips all at an affordable price. A solid design and 510 compatibility make this a solid choice for both the new and seasoned vaper. For a fantastic vaping experience try the X6 with either the Kanger Protank 3 or Aspire Vivi Nova Atomizers. Buy the X6 Lavatube from Future Shisha and ensure you get a genuine Kamry product. Kamry are the original and genuine manufacturers of the X6 Lavatube.

How to use the Kamry X6 Lavatube:

To turn on the Kamry X6 Lavatube press the button 5 times within 2 seconds. This sets the device at it’s default 3.6v. To increase to 3.8v press the button again 5 times within 2 seconds and notice the LED light changes colour. To set the device to it’s maximum 4.2v, again press the button 5 times within 2 seconds and again notice the battery LED light change colour. Pressing the button a further 5 times will turn the unit off and the LED light will shut down.

Be careful using your device on higher voltages as this can burn some Atomizers/Clearomizers out quickly.

Charging the Kamry X6 Lavatube:

Never attempt to use the device when charging. Screw charger connector gently and not too tight to avoid burn out. Charging takes 5-6 hours.


Full Kit, Full V2 Kit with Hard Case, Tube Only


Black, Silver

  1. Tammy Smith

    Smart Looking, simple to use, powerful. Along with being pretty cheap it works for me.

    I’m sure this is almost the same as some of the more expensive units just without the price tag!

  2. Watson22

    Discreet, cheep and powerful.

    I bought a vamo V6 but I actually prefer this one.

    Very happy with this purchase.

  3. Mazzy123

    Wasn’t sure about buying the X6 but very pleased with my purchase. Delivery was quick. X6 is great. A decent size and variable voltage. Exactly what I wanted but a lot cheaper than the others I was looking at. Tom

  4. Raj

    Got one of these because I was fed up with poor battery life from other e-cigarettes. Happy so far. Battery lasts a lot longer than other units I’ve tried and the E-Liquid tastes a lot better (i think this one heats it better as the battery is more powerful). Seems strong, let’s see how long it lasts!

  5. Rubben alvaro

    Well designed and fancy mod. This is my first mod after switching from standard eGo kits. I am really impressed about the vapour production, I wish I tried mods earlier!

  6. George

    Very good genuine product from Kamry, nice size and shape. Good value for money for a variable voltage mod. Works great. Easy to use. Excellent choice for either first time vaper or experienced vaper.

    Buttons are a little bit fiddly.

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