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What Is E-Shisha, Shisha Sticks & The Shisha Pen
What Is Shisha

Why Buy From Future Shisha

Future Shisha is an Electronic Shisha, E-Shisha Pen, Vaping and Ego Stick specialist with a range of amazing e-smoking kits to meet your needs.

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Shisha Pens, Ego Sticks & Electronic Shisha

Far safer than traditional Hookah, E-Shisha (also known as Electronic Shisha, Shisha Sticks and Shisha Pens) is an excellent environmentally safe alternative to traditional flavoured Shisha (Hookah). Electronic Shisha is a water free battery operated device which can mimic the effects, flavours and look of the traditional Shisha water pipe or more commonly look like a coloured pen, cigarette or vaping pipe.

Electronic Shisha Pens

Differently to the Tobacco Hookah pipe, instead of inhaling smoke you inhale a harmless vapour and what you exhale is odourless. The effects are similar, giving a pleasant taste in the mouth and a smooth sensation on the throat with a slight sense of well being and light headedness (If Nicotine is included – Comes Nicotine free too! Does not contain many of the harmful chemicals included in tobacco smoke!). The electric versions allow you to set your own nicotine level from zero right the way to high depending on your individual preference. The E-Shisha Pen and E-Shisha Pipes are well thought out designs being both convenient and portable electronic versions of the traditional Shisha pipe. Giving the same effect but also can be carried discreetly, legally and does not need water. When in use an LED flashes giving a modern look.

Electronic Shisha Pens Vs. Tobacco Products

Heavy tobacco use can cause various deceases; All our products are Tobacco Free! Some of the lines do contain Nicotine (But all our available Nicotine Free!). Although nicotine is addictive it does not in itself not cause any known diseases. This is a good chance and opportunity to switch. Evidence suggests that Electronic Shisha is safe as opposed to Tobacco based Shisha or Cigarette Smoking.

Without harmful toxins. Electronic Shisha costs considerably less than real Hookah. Smokes in a similar way and is a 100% legal and worry free product both inside buildings (It is illegal to smoke real Shisha inside) and outside! 

Types Of E-Shisha:

  1. Rechargeable & Refillable Electronic Shisha comes with a battery, Cartomizer and a charger. The battery is reusable and powers the device, it is usually charged by a USB charger. The Cartomizer connects to the battery and it holds E-Liquid. This E-Liquid vaporizes when the user sucks on the device. Once the Cartomizer/Atomizer is it can be refilled.
  2. Disposable E-shisha comes as a single kit which is thrown away after use. The battery and Cartomizer are combined into one unit without option for charging. Disposable options usually give the best tasting flavours! A disposable E-Shisha Pen depending on the model will give you 200-500 puffs.

What Are The Ingredients Of Electronic Shisha E-Liquid

The usually colourless E-Liquid is what the user inhales in the form of water vapour with Electronic Shisha. It is the substitute for the smoke inhaled through the tobacco charcoal block used in traditional Shisha. Electronic Shisha uses non-poisonous, non harmful substances usually vegetable based as the main ingredients. These ingredients are common in everyday foods. The complexity of the ingredients can be compared to a simple pack of wine gums plus the nicotine (if added) of course. It is generally seen as a healthier alternative and includes safe ingredients.

The main ingredients of Electronic Shisha are: 

Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerine Flavouring Nicotine (If Choosen)

What Are The Similarities Between E-Shisha Pens & E-Cigarettes (E-Cigs)?

You can puff on an E-Shisha Pen just as you can on an E-Cigarette (E-Cig). Electronic Cigarettes are usually used by smokers looking to give up or cut down on cigarettes (though we don’t recommend them as a cessation device). E-Shisha can also be used for this purpose but additionally it is used for relaxation and fun. Both can be used interchangeably. Basically E-Shisha Pens are typically for shisha smokers or non-smokers whereas E-Cigarettes are for someone who smokes cigarettes. Both can come in a range of flavours. E-cigarettes and E-Shisha are often used as a quit-smoking aid or as a cost-effective and somewhat enjoyable alternative.

Is Electronic Shisha Safe?

Recent studies have shown Hookah water pipes to be somewhat addictive and damaging to health causing harm and habit. Some people have even stated a possibility of Traditional Shisha addiction.

Electronic Shisha is available in a range of strengths from nicotine free to high nicotine and this in some ways combats this problem and has led some to view it as a harmless non-toxic equivalent with various advantages when used electronically. Fundamentally E-Shisha is almost as authentic and has the option to use nicotine free. Discover the beautiful world of E-Shisha.

Shisha Pens, Ego Sticks & Electronic Shisha

What Is Traditional Shisha

A standard Shisha smoking kit (aka Hookah, Hubbly Bubbly) is a water pipe that is specially made to smoke an infused flavoured tobacco charcoal block. The block is coal like in both appearance and in that it burns slowly. The block is placed above a metal gauze and on top of a pipe which leads to a vacuumed water chamber. On the other side of the water chamber is a second hose. A smoker sucks on the hose and this draws smoke through the airtight water. The aim of the water is to filter the smoke and this improves the flavour.

Concerns Surrounding Shisha

Concerns: There have been concerns raised as the quick intake of nicotine can also mean a selection of other toxic chemicals and tar are also inhaled rapidly at the same time. Due to these issues a normal Shisha pipe is not suitable as a replacement to a cigarette smoker who is trying to quit and can be even worse as it contains extra poisonous chemicals. Tobacco use has been implicated in many health concerns including cancers (Electronic Shisha does not contain Tobacco). As consumers have realised the issues of smoking hookah this has led to complaints and searches for safer alternatives.

Effects Of Traditional Shisha

Effects: The Shisha blocks are highly concentrated and this allows the person smoking it to inhale large amounts of smoke in a very short period of time. Some estimates state that over 100 cigarettes can be smoked in a single traditional Shisha session! This gives a fast intake of nicotine to the body and bloodstream and results in a feeling of being light headed for some users.

The Popularity Of Shisha

Popularity: Hookah has become particularly popular in the UK and consumption has increased with the opening of many Shisha lounge bars, restaurants, Shisha venues and member only clubs. These have been the perfect place to enjoy pleasurable time with friends, relax in sleek style and places to have fun and feel relaxed. Shisha has become vastly popular in cosmopolitan London and is enjoyed by both women and men. However, after an indoor smoking ban in Europe (Including Traditional Shisha) users have had to look to legal electronic alternatives. Fortunately these are also seen as a healthier option as they eliminate many of the toxic components included in tobacco based smoke. Thus allowing you a more straight forward and legal smoking experience.  An altogether pleasurable sensation.

What Flavours Can You Get With ‘Future Shisha’ Branded E-Liquid (We have more flavours in our other lines!)

Choose your favourite flavour. The superb enticing flavours can pack quite a punch. We have a flavour to suit you!

 Aniseed Imperial

 Blueberry Muffin

 Bubble Gum


 Red Cherry

 Coconut Cream

 Energy Cow

 Tic Tacs

 Roman Grape

 Green Apple

 Juicy Peach

 Lemon Limed

 Mint Candy

 Mojito Sunrise

 RY4 (Tobacco)

 RY6 (Tobacco)

 Strawberry Blast

 Skittles (Taste the Rainbow)

 Pear Drops

 Vivid Vanilla

Also known by the names and many variants of…


Electronic Cigarettes


Shisha Sticks

Shisha Stix

Shisha Pens

Electric Shisha Pens


Electronic Shisha

E-Shisha Pipes

Shisha Pens, Ego Sticks & Electronic Shisha