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About Future Shisha & Electronic Shisha

Future Shisha is a trading name of a small and innovative business ‘The Wise Store Ltd’. Trading since 2011 The Wise Store has dipped its toes in a number of online ventures. Each of which aim to make life a little bit easier, more convenient and more cost effective.

The ethos of Future Shisha is strongly liberal and likes to work for the common good even in turbulent times. Electronic Smoking devices have come under scrutiny since there invention and initial popularity. Here at Future Shisha we believe, after doing our own research and due diligence, that E-Shisha and E-Cigarettes are a tremendous new technology and one fit for the 21st century. We feel that Electronic Smoking can bring great benefit and in some cases allow people who appreciate smoking (there are some!) to enjoy their pastime in what we believe a more healthy, social (odourless) and guilt free way!

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Meet the team:

Julian (Owner & Founder)

Julian - Future ShishaHalf Irish and half English with a true international background. Quickly approaching 30 with life living in 4 continents under his belt, Julian is a traveller at heart. Successfully working with a number of start-ups, Future Shisha is a new company to add to his portfolio. A lover of food, sports and coffee, always on the lookout for a new adventure.

Julian is a jack of all trades when it comes to business, being involved in all areas of development. From finding the perfect products to getting the products marketed through online awareness (sometimes more difficult than it seems!). All has been covered.

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Valeria (Localisation Expert)

Valaria - Future ShishaItalian born and bred but now a London resident. Valeria is a mean cook and often conjuring up something new in the kitchen. She can often be caught taking singing lessons too!

Our global customer are very important to us and Valeria is in charge of these foreign markets and translations. She is the driving force for our brand overseas making our foreign endeavours suitable for overseas customers.

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Work with Us:

We are always on lookout for creative individuals, whether you are a blogger, from the press or another hardworking creative soul simply drop us a message to get in touch. We are friendlier than we look!

Info (at) future-shisha.co.uk 

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