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What Are The Ingredients of E-Liquid and What Do They Do?

If you are wondering about E-Liquids then you will probably be aware that they are a fairly fundamental part of electronic cigarettes. In this article we take a look at the key components of E-Liquid and discuss the function that each component performs.

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The background to E-Liquid

One of the most popular ways to give up smoking has been the substitution of electronic cigarettes for actual cigarettes. All electronic cigarettes (regardless of their construction) use E-Liquid to create the vapour that you inhale instead of the smoke that you get from a standard cigarette. The E-Liquid is a solution that is created using a certain composition of ingredients.

The ingredients of E-Liquid

There are three main ingredients that make up E-Liquid. These are: Nicotine; diluent; and flavouring.

Nicotine – This is the stimulant that is contained within conventional cigarettes and has shown to be addictive. E-Liquid will generally be offered in a range of different strengths which will give users the opportunity to select how much nicotine they wish to absorb from the vapour of their electronic cigarette.

Diluent – The diluent component of E-Liquid performs three key functions, it dilutes the combination of nicotine and flavouring to the required formulation, it helps create the vapour that transports the nicotine and flavour to the user, and also it generates the sensation in the back of the throat that electronic cigarette users will be used to from inhaling the smoke of conventional cigarettes.

Flavouring – Because nicotine itself doesn’t have any desirable taste, a flavour is added to the E-Liquid to make it more pleasant for users to inhale the vapour from their electronic cigarette. A range of flavours are available so that the user can select their preferred taste.

The strength of E-Liquid

When you are considering the “strength”of E-Liquid you are essentially looking at how much nicotine the E-Liquid solution contains. This is measured by looking at how many milligram of nicotine there is per millilitre of total fluid volume. This calculation helps users to compare the strength of their chosen E-Liquid to a conventional cigarette. However one of the confusing aspects of the use of electronic cigarettes and the comparison of E-Liquid strength to conventional cigarettes is that there is some research that shows that the nicotine uptake by the user of an electronic cigarette is not exactly the same as the nicotine update by the user of a conventional cigarette. The research suggests that significantly more nicotine will be extracted from conventional cigarette smoke than from the vapour of electronic cigarette that is using E-Liquid.

E-Liquids are a rapidly growing market as electronic cigarettes become an increasingly popular way for people to try and give up smoking. It is important not to compromise on the quality of the E-Liquid that you are using with your electronic cigarette – you need to be able to have confidence in the strength of the nicotine that you are absorbing and also that the components of the E-Liquid solution have been formulated correctly. Electronic cigarettes are a valuable tool in the drive to reduce the health risks posed by conventional cigarettes.