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Vamo V6 Mod (KSD)


[box color=”blue”]Now upgraded to the KSD Vamo V7[/box]

  • Comes With The KSD Vamo V6, Trustfire Rechargeable 18650 Battery, Kanger Mini Protank 3, Soft Carry Pouch, Gift Box & Trustfire Charger (Can Be Used With 1*18650, 1*18350 & 2*18350 Batteries)
  • Variable Voltage 3W Up To A Huge 20W
  • Compatible With All 510 Type Attys i.e. All Standard Screw Ego Type Atomizers CE4, Ce5 etc.
  • Stainless Steel, Chrome, Black Chrome
  • Vaping Vent Holes
  • Removable Beauty Ring
  • Short Circuit, Low Load & Over Voltage Protection
  • KSD Adjustable Center Pin Screw for Increased Atomizer Connection
  • Digital Display: Power Bank, Puff Counter, Inner Volts, Overcharging & Long Vaping Reminder

*Product also available as standalone tube only.

*The Kit groups together recommended products at a reduced rate which are available individually on the site.

(8 customer reviews)

Vamo V6 KSD Full Kit

The Vamo range is for when you get serious, you turn from enthusiast to vaper! Or perhaps you just want to jump straight in there with a top of class unit and know that you are get the best vaping experience out there. This device is a solid well built mod advancement on your traditional Ego stick and as a result offers complete power and control.

The device is variable voltage meaning you can choose it’s power. You can go from a tame 3W all the way up and feel the power of 20W. The Vamo has been an acclaimed piece of kit right from version 1 but the the Vamo V6 has had a major upgrade from the V5 with it’s voltage increasing the power by 33% from 15W to 20W! In addition there has been a major overhaul of the circuitry making this the cream of the crop when it comes to Variable Voltage PV’s (Personal Vaporizers) and Electronic Mods. In addition just part of what the on board computer system does is that it relays back to you things like battery power, capacity and a puffs taken.

*Please note: Vamo’s from KSD come with an adjustable center pin screw which can adjusted to give a stronger connection to certain Atomizers types when required.


Black Chrome Full Kit, Black Chrome Tube Only, Stainless Steel Full Kit, Stainless Steel Tube Only

  1. Davo Trappani

    Very very happy, did lots of research on forums etc. and it has gone over my expectations. A very high recommendation. The only thing for me. I now actually prefer it to cigarettes. No way I’m going back!

    Delivery was quick, well packaged and a good price.

  2. Sparky46

    Excellent product, fast delivery, very good price for the full kit.

  3. Jonathan

    Very good buy and a fantastic price. I shopped around for a vamo v6 and I also wanted trustfire batteries and some big tanks.

    This kit has it all

    My girlfriend has now backordered one too.

  4. Oliver

    Good price

  5. Gill Rockatansky

    Great price, great product and very helpful and friendly customer service. I’ll definitely use this company again.

  6. Jamie H

    Excellent E-cigarette and an excellent company.

    I recommend both the Vamo and Future Shisha

  7. Iulian

    Pros: Good price, fast delivery, well packed and very good customer service
    Cons: The mod it’s overpowered when used with 2 * 18350 batteries, burns coils.

    I definitely recommend Future Shisha, but I cannot say the same thing about this mod. If you plan to use this mod with 2 * 18350 batteries, then this is not for you.

  8. Richard Copper

    I ordered this Vamo mod one week ago and received it 6 days ago. I am using it with my cobra atomizer ( 20 W ) and it works great. The TH is very good and the flavor of the liquid rocks

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