Electronic Shisha E-Cigarette Starter Kit (White)


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E-Cigarette Starter Kit – What you get:

  • Highly Durable Long Lasting Carry Case
  • Rechargeable Via USB Charger.
  • Replaceable & Disposable.
  • 2 ‘Golden Tobacco’ Refills Included To Get You Started

Key Features:

  • Smooth Tasting
  • Patented Design Made To US/UK/EU Standards
  • Clean & Healthy
  • Works Out Approximately 77% Cheaper Than Cigarettes
  • Legal Everywhere 
  • Reusable With Refills

Electronic Shisha Reviews


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E-cigarettes are fast becoming a popular way to smoke, offering numerous benefits over traditional cigarettes. While we are unable to recommended you use these as a smoke cessation device, e-cigarettes are a great way to enjoy your smoke while avoiding some of the pitfalls regular smoking presents:

  • Smoke free – the “smoke” from e-cigarettes is just water vapour. Essentially, there e-cigarettes have zero tar (a major problem with normal cigarettes).
  • Less chemicals – it’s well known that normal cigarettes have thousands of chemicals in them. E-cigarettes contain less than five, all of which are safe and often used in common household food.
  • Smoke anywhere – E-cigarettes allow you to enjoy your smoking indoors, away from the cold and rain.
  • Smell free – There is virtually no smell from e-cigarettes, and any smell emitted will only be of the flavour – and few people will complain if you smell like a fruit!
  • Cheaper – at around 77% cheaper than cigarettes, e-cigarettes offer a clear financial incentive to make the switch.
  • Lots of variety – refillable e-cigarettes offer a whole new world of flavour.

With many benefits, it’s unsurprising that many smokers are turning to e-cigarettes. The revolution is here to stay, and it is clear that e-cigarettes are a popular, viable and wallet-friendly market alternative that has helped millions to enjoy smoking in a cleaner way! At just £10, try our starter kit today! Coming in a stylish carry case with three refillable “cartomizers”, this kit is a great e-smoking option.

Weight 0.07 g
Dimensions 10 × 5.6 × 2 cm

Black, White

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