Electronic Shisha Pro


  • Most Powerful E-Shisha on the Market. Full Size Handheld Design
  • Interchangeable Cartridges for the Ultimate in Taste & Vaper 
  • Mains Rechargable UK, EU & US Plug Types
  • 5 colours, Great Range of Flavours
  • 100% Legal – Made to UK/EU/US standards.

Electronic Shisha Reviews


If you’re looking for the ultimate in electronic shisha, go no further, for you have found it. This is the electronic shisha pro, and not only is it our most powerful model, it’s our curviest yet! Running 3 superbly powerful cartridges in one go this is the most stunning shisha yet!

But that’s not the most outstanding feature of the electronic shisha pro. That accolade goes to the sheer volume and thickness of vapour that this shisha produces! If you’re tired of e-shishas that deliver a weak payload, leaving your mouth feeling strangely empty and you leaving wanting more, the full-bodied delivery here is the answer!

All the stops have been pulled out for this model, offering you a customizable shisha experience that’s not just healthy, tasty and fun: it offers the ultimate in simple functionality that is sometimes missing in other models?

 Mains rechargeable, with a charging time of just 4 hours!
 Full-bodied, thick vapour, giving you a real mouth feel
 300 puff capacity refillable tanks, giving you the freedom to choose your flavour
 Real shisha curves, giving your fingers stronger grip

This handheld hookah gives you everything you need. Huge vapour, huge flavour, and you can choose shisha with or without nicotine. With five different colours to choose from, this e-shisha is the perfect pipe for the serious shisha smoker who is looking for nothing less than the very best.

Best Electronic Shisha Experience


Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Silver

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