Trustfire Charger


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Reliable, compact, affordable, and flexible, the Trustfire Charger is able to deliver everything you would expect from a high quality entry level charger.

If you are looking for a compact Li-Ion battery charger, then the Trustfire Charger might be just what you need. The device features 2 individual spring-loaded charging bays, each one of them with its dedicated green/red LED to display the battery charging status (i.e. GREEN when charged; RED when charging).

The Trustfire Charger has been specifically designed to accommodate different rechargeable battery sizes. The device allows you to charge 1 battery at a time or 2 batteries simultaneously.

TrustFire Charger Features and Specs:

  • Supported batteries: 10430 – 10440 – 14500 – 16340 – 17670 – 18500 – 18650
  • Current output: 0.5 A
  • Input type: AC 100~240V
  • Output type: DC 12V, DC 4.2V

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