XTAR PB2S (Black) Powerbank


Top-quality power banks from the flawlessly high-quality XTAR. Built to last and built to be the most superior power banks in their class. Look no further than the XTAR PB2s.

XTAR PB2s Features

  • Charger and power bank
  • Compatible with – 18650 batteries (unprotected/protected button top/flat top batteries), 18700, 20700, 21700 (Unprotected Lithium Flat Top Batteries)
  • Double battery bays
  • Varying charging speeds
  • 6V/3.7V – 5v 2A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A
  • Li-io/IMR/INR/ICR
  • Digital display
  • Fast charging QC3.0+PD3.0
  • Store up to 10000mAh+
  • Built in ribbon for easy battery removal
  • Ultra-portable, fast charging time, and able to hold and charge a range of batteries.
  • USB output to handle both standard USB -A and USB-C.
  • The sturdy build makes the PB2s shockproof, dustproof and drop-proof.
  • A magnetic cover adds to the solid build at this price point giving portable power wherever you go. Not just a battery charger but a means to power in any location.
  • Easy grip rubber design
  • Three stage charging

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What’s in the XTAR PB2s box?

  • Gift box
  • PB2s Charger
  • USB-C t0 USB-A cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • *Batteries not included.

*Upgrade on the previous generation by implementing higher quality metals, specifically in negative connection spring-loaded pole ensuring better resistance and less impedance. Additionally fast charging via QC3.0 + PD3.0. Support for 21700 (unprotected). Dual USB A + USB C output and an updated display showing a full range of available data.

A charger that can then double up as a power bank with the charged batteries left inserted. The XTAR PB2s is an excellent and intelligent Li-ion battery charger, most commonly used as an 18650 battery charger or mobile phone power bank. Capable of dual recharge as well as charging the PB2s has received rave reviews. The XTAR PB2s is charged by USB-C and is able to provide power output by both USB-C and USB-A. You can even charge two devices at the same time and is compatible with almost all mobile phones and modern electronic devices on today’s market. This includes low voltage devices like uncharged batteries and Bluetooth devices. An advanced digital display shows real-time charge details including current, voltage and charging/discharging. You can also quickly see battery availability by percentage. Single-button click allows rotation of data. XTAR is a truly high-quality company and has been responsible for many initiatives and innovations in the electronics industry. There patented balancing technology not only ensures balanced charging but promotes battery life in tandem thus ensuring eco features and a maximum lifespan. One of the XTAR innovations is the 0V activation, which has been adopted by a host of other companies. 0V allows the activation of batteries with little to no charge. Batteries previously thought un-revivable just drop them into an XTAR device and get them bought back to life.

In the world of battery chargers, safety and reliability is guaranteed by XTAR with a Worldwide/global guarantee. International regulations such RoHS (concerning toxic components) CE (concerning safety) and FC and CPIC are all inbuilt in this product and the DNA of the XTAR brand in general.

Three-stage charging – Keep batteries healthy with 3 stage charging. The TC-CC–CV charging method gets your batteries charged with best practices. Firstly the charger submits trickle current (TC), this wakes up the chemistry in the batteries slowly and gently. This protects the batteries when the charge is very low and allows batteries completely out of charge to be recharged. Once battery charge is up to a satisfactory level constant charge (CC) kicks in. The majority of charging time will be in constant charging mode to ensure speed. Then finally once the battery is almost fully charged the charger changes yet again, this time to constant voltage (CV). This ensures the battery gets fully charged with minimal damage/wear.

Touch – A high-quality durable rubber build is not only pleasing to the touch but also resistant to shock and fire resistance.

The onboard AI intelligently recognizes battery polarity and when reversed or short-circuited the onboard computer pauses charging to ensure no damage to the batteries or safety issues for the user. In this case, any charge remains at 0. Protection against over-current, over-charge, over-voltage, short-circuit are built as standard. XTAR’s soft start feature gives an even added boost and treats the chemistry in your batteries with care. All in all, XTAR makes charging easier quicker and safer. Once batteries are fully charged the built-in high precious XTAR MCU automatically stops charging, thus saving you the power and your batteries wear and tear.

XTAR PB2s Detailed Specifications

  • Model – PB2S
  • Input – QC3.0 & PD3.0 (5V 2A / 9V 2A/ 12V 1.5A)
  • Constant Current – 2AX2/2AX1/1AX2
  • End-of Charge Voltage – 4.20±0.05V
  • End-of Charge Current – <120mA
  • USB Output – QC3.0 & PD3.0 (5V 2A /9V 2A / 12V 1.5A)
  • Operating Temperature – 0-40°C
  • Size – L125mmxW58mmxH28mm
  • Net Weight – 80g

Learn more at https://lygte-info.dk/review/Review%20Charger%20XTAR%20PB2S%20UK.html



Product Type

Battery Charger, Cable, Powerbank

Warranty (Months)

12 Months

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