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How To Clean Your Atomizer

The increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes has been a real game-changer in terms of helping people to give up smoking. But there are a few things to think about with electronic cigarettes that are different to smoking conventional cigarettes. One of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes is the Ego Stick. In this article we take a look at how to clean your how to clean your atomiser and Ego Stick.

Why cleaning your Ego Stick is important

Your Ego Stick needs to be cleaned regularly in order to ensure that it continues to function at its best.

If your atomiser needs to be cleaned you will notice that it might be producing a little less vapour than usual or you are finding it difficult to draw the vapour, or the vapour might have a slightly strange taste or flavour. The cause of this is that your vaporiser will be getting a bit blocked with the residue of the e-liquid used to create the vapour that delivers you with the nicotine hit or flavour that you need.

How to clean your atomizer

Usually cleaning your atomiser should be as simple as blowing it out. You need to separate the atomiser from the cartridge and battery components of your electronic cigarette unit. Wrap your lips around the end of the atomiser that is tapered and simply blow. You should have e-liquid dripping out the other end so you will need to catch this with some paper towel or tissues. As the e-liquid residue is loosened from the atomiser it should make some noise – a bit like liquid being sucked through a straw. Blow through your atomiser a few times to ensure that all of the residue has been cleared out. In between your blowing use a twisted piece of paper or tissue to dry out any remaining residue from within the atomiser.

If blowing through your atomiser hasn’t cleaned it completely then your next step is to try dry burning the atomiser. To do this you need to connect the atomiser with the battery, but still leave the cartridge off. You need to hold down the battery button and blow into the atomiser chamber. If there is any e-liquid still trapped within the unit it should clear out as vapour. When the vapour stops coming out this should mean that the heating coil is clear (you should also be able to see the atomiser wick glowing red while you are depressing the on button of the unit. You should only use this method of cleaning for a short period of time otherwise you could overheat the atomiser cell. Try it for a couple of seconds, leave it for a break, then try again.

As a last resort you could boil the atomiser to remove any remaining e-liquid residue that you have been unable to remove by any other method. Place your atomiser in boiling water for around three minutes. It’s important to make sure that you allow the atomiser to fully dry out before you use it.

Regular maintenance of your electronic cigarette will ensure that your unit continues to operate effectively delivering you clear and reliable vapour.

How long should my atomizer last?

An atomizer which is well looked after and cleaned regularly should last for approximately 2 months. After this time the atomizer or the wick needs to be replaced. You buy new CE5 Atomizers/Clearomizers here.