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We are a provider of enticing, trusted items. Authentic Shisha is often misunderstood to be an absolutely safer alternative to cigarettes. However the results of numerable recent studies done on the effects of smoking hookah tend to support the opposite claim. Because Shisha typically contains tobacco, it affects a smoker’s health in a similar manner as cigarette smoke. This surprises many people because they often take comfort in the pleasant aroma of the smoke, and the fact that the smoke is filtered through water. The bad truth of the matter is that the amount of smoke inhaled while using a traditional hookah for an hour can rival the amount of smoke created by 100+ cigarettes (1). Our excellent products allow our customers to experience the joy of smoking premium Shisha, without the horrible health effects of tobacco. Perhaps you are a fan of hookahs and saw our ads on a classifieds site, or on Yahoo and decided to Google us. However you found our website, we’re glad you’re with us now. Take this chance to discover how our E-Shisha Sticks work:

  • Atomizers heat up the cartridges, which are filled with chemical substances, such as liquid nicotine and propylene glycol.
    • The heated ingredients inside the cartridges are what accent the fantastic flavour that the user tastes, and create the vapour, or vape that he or she would inhale.
    • With some models, the cartridges can be refilled with liquids and reused after they become empty.
    • With other models, the pens are meant to be disposed after a single use. A lot of our products are like this.

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Be Considerate to Non-Smokers and Exhale a Less Harmful Smoke

Naturally, not everyone enjoys smoking; and we strongly believe that non-smokers deserve to have their lifestyle preferences respected just as smokers do. That is why we designed our products to emit an odourless vapor, which tastes better and is much healthier than cigarette or hookah smoke. It can even be used indoors or at clubs. Smoking Shisha from a traditional waterpipe creates a harmful cocktail of charcoal smoke, mixed with the tobacco smoke. The fact that the smoke is filtered through water does not make the second-hand smoke less harming. It is common knowledge that developing children, pregnant women and the elderly are especially at risk when inhaling dangerous chemicals; so these are the people we aim to protect. We cannot eliminate nicotine use altogether because it is a very addictive chemical; but we can make it healthier, and more pleasant to experience secondhand. Here are some key facts about cigarette smoking in the UK:

  • 10 million adults in Great Britain are cigarette smokers.
    • This group accounts for a sixth of the UK’s total population.
    • 19% of adult women smoke cigarettes, compared to 22% of adult men.
    • Over 100,000 smokers die every year in the UK.
    • It costs over 600 pounds to fund a pack-a-day cigarette habit.

The Environment Will Continue to Benefit, as Will our Customers

It is common knowledge that if a person does not watch his or her tendencies to smoke, diseases may develop. Not only can the health of humanity be bothered by smoke, menthol or otherwise. The incredible amount of tobacco smoking that occurs on our planet is noticeably harmful to the environment. The problem lies not only in the smoke that cigarettes create, but also in the waste. Butts and filters from traditional cigarettes make up most of the world’s litter. It has even been estimated that several trillion butts worldwide are improperly disposed of yearly. That adds up to billions of cigarettes a day being littered on our parks, beaches and other public areas (3). To combat this terrible trend, we aim to become an icon in the protection of the environment from toxic cigarette smoke by providing a cleaner, cheaper (if not the cheapest) alternative. The elegant e-shishas are discreet not only in their appearance, but also in their impact on the atmosphere around them. The vapour created will evaporate in a matter of seconds, unlike tobacco smoke, which leaves a lingering stench and fog. They also do not come in wasteful packaging, like a carton, which might be littered. Here are some answers to the questions: why is tobacco is such a poisonous substance and what damage can it cause?

  • The smoke produced by burning tobacco contains over 4,000 chemical compounds.
  • Some of the nasty ones are arsenic, cyanide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, toluene, acrolein and benzene.
  • Anyone truly familiar with these chemicals understands how detrimental they are to the health of humans and their environment.
    • These chemicals have been known to cause heart disease, respiratory problems, and mouth and lung cancer.
    • Why not make a switch from tobacco to a harmless alternative?

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Other Manufacturers of Legal and Less Toxic Tobacco Alternatives Cannot Compare

Research suggests E-cigarettes are a safer means to ingesting nicotine than cigars or traditional brand cigarettes; yet they are still pale in comparison to our top-rated devices. We’ve found that heavy smokers who are working to cut back on their spending prefer our E-Shisha Sticks because they find them less harsh, better tasting and more affordable. Our products more successfully curb the cravings of our customers. Users might even find that once they have been vaping for a short time, their cravings for tobacco have left, rather than add up (2). The chemicals in the colourless but flavored vapour mix create what feels almost like a meal–or perhaps even dessert, with a hot drink. Smoking should not be an addiction; but it should be a treat. E-cigs cannot compare.

Our Fast Portable Alternative to Hookah Smoking is a Modern Take on a Traditional Experience – The E-Shisha Pen

Our electronic vapour pens receive such good ratings in England and in Ireland because they are well flavoured and because they give their users a smooth aromatic sensation, much like the feeling of smoking real Shisha through a water pipe. Hookah smoking has existed for a very long time. Originating in Middle Eastern countries, and counties such as Pakistan and India, it quickly became a worldwide pastime, becoming popular in Turkey, Greece and soon after, the rest of the world. Now hookah bars can be found all across the globe. However, just as we mentioned earlier, the fact that it is becoming popular certainly is not evidence that hookah smoking it is a perfectly safe alternative to cigarette smoking. Real Shisha still contains tobacco. To avoid the health risks that accompany tar, we advise people to put their confidence in e-shisha, like our E-Shisha Sticks. Contact us to find out about more promotional offers and reserve your battery-operated e-hookah today.

One Does Not Need to be a Seasoned Smoker to Enjoy These Refreshing Products

Although many people might assume that we offer our vapour smokes primarily to smokers, this is not the case. Our products bring pleasure to both veteran smokers and those who just wish to puff occasionally (With Nicotine Free). E-Shisha Sticks (Nicotine Free) do not have the toxins to make them as addicting as traditional cigarettes, so they can be used from time to time without becoming habit forming. The market for handheld vaporizers is ever growing and we are proud to be on the leading end of this growth. Our products are trendy, sleek and easy to dispose of. Our customers are serious people and we want them to have a professional product. That is why our vapour pens are designed to be classy, small and unimposing; and they won’t make a lounge smell like a retail smokshop. We cater not only to the customer who feels a need for nicotine, but also to the one who just want to experience the relaxing effect of vaping without drawing the attention that a traditional hookah might.

Buy E-Shisha Sticks Individually or in Multipacks

By visiting our online store, our customers can purchase our products individually, or in packs. Those who choose to buy a multipack of three vapour pens will not only save money, but they will also save time. What advantages! A pack of three E-Shisha Sticks will provide its user with nearly 1500 puffs, or vapes in total. Each fruit and vegetable flavour is a unique and pleasurable intake; and if the different flavours are ever apposed the effect is quite sensational. After all, many say that variety is the spice of life. These are the flavors that we produce:

A Selection of E-Shisha Flavours

  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Pomegranate
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon
  • Lemon
  • Chocolate
  • Mint
  • Apple
  • Grape
  • Strawberry

(Unfortunately, some of these bestsellers have been discontinued for the time being.)

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Some Miniature Vaporizers are Disposable While Some Have Reusable Flavour Cartridges

Although we do not dislike miniature vaporizers that use rechargeable batteries and refillable chemical cartridges, most of the products sold through our online store are meant to be disposed after a single use. Each E-Shisha Stick provides its user with up to 500 puffs, or vapes. Because of this, our product is incredibly easy to use. There is no assembly required and no instruction manual or directions packed with it. A person won’t even need to burn it to get it started. We designed our e-liquid pens to be not only more enjoyable, but also more convenient to use than traditional cigarettes. We believe that simplicity should be a priority. That is why we deliver only the highest quality products.

Fashionable and Free of Poison, Tar, Carbon Monoxide, Tobacco, Flames and Shipping Costs

Not only can our products help reduce damage to your lungs and throat, they also can reduce damage to your bank account. Right now, any of our products bought through our secure online shop will be delivered with no shipping charges. This cost-effective solution is just further proof that our E-Shisha Pens are superior to cigarettes. The money saved could afford a cappuccino!

  • Are you ready to swap tobacco smoking, or at least quit paying so much money? Cancel your tobacco addiction! Dispatch orders through our website. We ship within a matter of days.
  • A person doesn’t need to leave the home premises for a e-shisha sale.
  • The  E-Shisha Sticks will be delivered right to the door.
    • What other sellers can currently guarantee a convenient service like free deliveries?
    • Please explore our website, evaluate our miscellaneous options and send us any feedback you might have.


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