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The Benefits of e Liquid

The debate about smoking and the harmful effects of tobacco has raged for years. It has not deterred many youngsters from starting to smoke nor been decisive in getting others to stop. Government Policy of taxation is not the solution. Governments are aware of the potential damage to their nations’ health and the pressure that comes to bear on their medical budgets. Many smokers might like to stop but have found it extremely difficult to do so. There are products on the market which can help them. The rewards for ones that are successful in curbing consumer demand for tobacco will be substantial. One such product that looks extremely promising is a liquid which is used in e cigarettes, an alternative to traditional tobacco based cigarettes.

There has to be a will to stop; even a strong determination.  Every product that can help in that quest obviously markets its qualities. Few have the obvious advantages of e cigarettes which contain a liquid which excludes a host of the harmful chemicals generated by smoking tobacco.

E cigarettes are battery powered; they produce vapour from that liquid and the indications are that they provide a much safer alternative for smokers that currently buy traditional tobacco cigarettes. Within hours the level of oxygen in their blood will begin to return to normal because there is no carbon monoxide in the vapour produced by e liquid. Very soon carbon monoxide disappears completely and users start to regain their sense of taste and smell.

Some health improvements take longer but lungs can recover after tobacco smokers shun tobacco for e liquid and the chances of heart problems will reduce over the medium term.

Consumer choice

This liquid puts the smoker in control. The ingredients of e liquid can vary depending on the user’s choice. In all cases those ingredients are far less harmful than the chemicals created when they are smoking a traditional cigarette. Those chemicals number some 4,000 as opposed to the handful contained in e liquid. Indeed there may be as few as just three in e Liquid including nicotine in very small quantities.


Certainly nicotine may be one of that handful but its presence can be minimal. It may be as low as 0.8% in volume terms and never more than 2.4%. Nicotine can be omitted completely and certainly users can reduce its percentage content over time if they wish to do so. It is a matter of absolute choice.

Nicotine gets a bad press but it is not the main cause of the health problems that smokers potentially face. In small quantities it is certainly no problem. That is not the case with such things as carbon monoxide that is generated by tobacco smokers.

e Liquid Flavours

There is a range of flavours from which people can choose and users will still get satisfaction from inhaling. They vary from tobacco blends to fruit. Some people even add alcohol.  If their choice helps them get away from any kind of dependency on tobacco it is worthwhile.

People who decide to try e cigarettes can select e liquid that is flavoured with coffee, vanilla or banana. It is a matter of trying the alternatives and selecting a favourite or opting for a regular change.

The body

The majority of the liquid is something like food grade or pharmaceutical propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.  It has the job of diluting the other ingredients and retaining them in liquid form.

Critics point out that the former is used in antifreeze but it is important to question the motives behind their criticism. After all e liquid will not produce the tar that smokers often find is deposited within their bodies. Food grade glycol is perfectly safe and used in non toxic antifreeze only. Non toxic antifreeze is used in food processing systems and domestic pipes. It is perfectly harmless for humans. The glycol used in a car engine’s antifreeze is completely different. Perhaps the criticism comes from people who have a vested interest in another product seeking its market share in the fight against tobacco?

Chances of success

Statistics show that just 5% of the people who want to give up smoking are able to do so without help of some kind, and that help does not just mean encouragement. The percentages are still fairly low from some of the aids that have existed in the market for years. It is only when it comes to vaping, e cigarettes and the practically harmless e liquid that there is a real success story. No one knows how many people who have managed to give up smoking will never smoke tobacco again. However all the signs suggest that those who have taken the e liquid route have the best chance of a healthy lifestyle in the future.