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What is better: Electronic Mods or Mechanical Mods?

There are many different types of electronic cigarette mods on the market today. When it comes down to choosing between an electronic mod and a mechanical mod though, which is better? Let’s take a closer look at how each of these work to help you make up your mind.

Electronic Mods

Electronic mods are great for all levels of vapers. They’re especially recommended for people new to vaping. They come with a wide range of safety features, including overcharge protection and safety cut off features. Electronic mods are adjustable and they can regulate power supplied to the atomizer to the exact setting you want.

This is usually referred to as ‘variable voltage’ or ‘variable wattage’. Electronic mods must be turned on to deliver power to the atomizer.

These mods are also generally more advanced devices than mechanical ones. They have other features too like resistance checks, battery level display and digital screens.

Some electronic mods now come with USB ports to connect them to specialist software that updates the devices internal programming. They’re essentially an on-board computer system and they’re only going to get more advanced as time goes on.

Mechanical Mods

A mechanical mod refers to how the insides of the device itself works. In a nutshell, there are no electronic components involved and the switches are entirely manual (or mechanical). They require you to carry out an action to complete the metal of the inner circuit to provide power to the heating coil.

Typically these are made up of three parts: the top cap, the bottom cap and the battery holder. When the circuit is completed, the power from the battery flows straight to the atomizer. The device will always power up when the battery has a charge and is connected to the unit. Some mechanical mods come with a locking mechanism for safety, but not all of them.

Mechanical mods don’t usually come with voltage regulators or lights. Their voltage output is directly related to the actual output of the battery. This usually means that as the battery drains, there’s a sloping curve of power output from the mod.

Mechanical mods tend to be used by more experienced vapers. The safe operation of these mods requires in depth knowledge about battery safety and ideally electrical engineering principles. One advantage of them is that they’re often regarded as being more reliable due to a lack of internal electrical parts and only having the bare essential components.

In summary which is better: Electronic Mod or Mechanical Mod?

Having looked at both of these devices, it really comes down to personal preference whether you should opt for an electronic mod or mechanical mod. Mechanical mods should only be used by advanced vapers who really understand the safety implications of these devices and how to use them effectively. They don’t come with any advanced features and are very basic, but they’re likely to have the longest life in them.

Electronic mods are ideal for everybody and are our personal favourite. They’re packed with a great range of advanced features. We love the digital displays and the variable voltage that electronic mods bring. There are a huge range of electronic mods to choose from.