Ego Stick Digital (Slimline)


The Ego Stick Deluxe really is the best looking and most functional Ego Stick on the market. The Staff at Future Shisha use this themselves and nothing else. That’s how high we rate it!

  • Slim Line (Only 7.8mm thick!). Fits discreetly & effortlessly into pockets, bags and purses.
  • Patented Unique Design
  • Powerful Battery – Digital Battery Life Display
  • Power Saving 5 Seconds Shut Off Switch Facility
  • Adjustable Voltage (One Click Increase of Vapour Power)
  • Puff Use Digital Counter
  • Easy Connect Magnetic Connector
  • Textured Grip to Avoid Unnecessary Drops & Damage
  • Refillable with E-Liquid – 20 Focus Group Approved Flavours  (Choose Your Tastes Here)
  • 5 Different Colours!
  • 1 Year Warranty Covers Battery & Display Unit (Atomizers have an estimated 2 month use lifespan, replacements can be bought for £3.95)

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If you’re looking for a stylish Ego stick which stands out from the crowd and is also refillable and rechargeable, it’s time to check out the Ego Stick Digital. Unlike more conventional Ego sticks, the Ego Stick Digital boasts a new slim line design, making it easy to store in trouser pockets, purses and handbags.

Future Shisha staff adore this functional Ego pen, and it has become a firm office favourite!  The Ego Stick Digital isn’t just a good looking one — it also boasts the most functionality of all Ego stick designs on the market, making this excellent value for this price.

A powerful battery runs some of the most impressive features of this model, including an adjustable voltage, allowing you to increase the vapour power to just the right level that you want. Battery life is kept going by a smart five second shut off feature, meaning you won’t have to worry about constantly switching on or off.

There’s even a digital counter that tells you just how many puffs you’ve taken. With 500 puffs representing an average of 35 cigarettes — or nearly 2 packets — it’s easy to make an accurate tally of how much money you’re saving, giving you more money in your pocket to spend.

Our refillable e-liquid flavours come in 20 different tastes with or without nicotine. We offer discreet packaging and free delivery to UK addresses from our warehouse for orders over £25.

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