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Future Shisha E-Liquid

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Limited Stock!

  • Made in conjunction between Future Shisha & Hangsen (The Worlds biggest and original E-Liquid manufacturer)
  • Full immense vapour & unique flavours
  • Made with the most popular UK ratio of 70%PG to 30%VG
  • All E-Liquids produced in a professionally controlled environment and come complete with safety seal.

Electronic Shisha Reviews

(23 customer reviews)

The Best in E-Liquids

For use with all E-Cigarette and E-Smoking type E-Liquid refillable devices including the Ego Stick Shisha Pen and the Ego Stick Digital. Our highly rated rechargeable and refillable handheld options. Running low on E-Liquid juice? Looking for a special new flavour? The solution is right here! We’ve asked vapers what they really want from their shisha e-cigarettes and the feedback is unanimous: lots of E-liquid flavour, unique tastes and even more variety – so we give you 20 in total! After all, variety is the spice of life, and with your refillable E-Liquid ego stick, you can carry flavours with you on the go:

  • Sweet Mint – chill out with our minty-fresh flavour
  • Smooth cappuccino – all the delicious taste of cappuccino at your fingertips
  • Refreshing mojito -a party in your mouth, no matter what you’re doing!
  • Skittles (Taste the Rainbow) – why choose just one flavour of fruit when you can have them all?
  • Pear Drops – taste this retro taste yet again… Bring back the 80’s!
  • …and many, many more!

It’s sinfully easy to refill the E-Liquid cartomizer. Available with or without nicotine, the only problem you’re going to have is deciding which flavour to try first. The good news is that at only £4 each, this is going to be one cheap and fun tasting session! Just one more reason to try out our best-selling, top-rated rechargeable and refillable Handheld Ego Stick or the Ego Stick Digital. Upgrade, diversify and taste the new world of shisha and the better taste of tobacco! At only £4! What’s better- our flavours or the amazing value for money that we’re offering?


Aniseed Imperial, Bloomin' Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Cappuccino, Chocolate & Banana Milkshake, Coconut Cream, Coffee (Americano), Cotton-Candy, Green Apple, Green Grape, HS Menthol Sensation, Irish Cream, Juicy Peach, Lemon & Grape Punch (Green Grape), Lemon Limed, Mint, Mint Candy, Mojito Sunrise, Pear Drops (TOS), Red Cherry, Red Energy, RY4 (Tobacco), RY6 (Tobacco), Sex on the Beach (Sunny Beat), Skittles (Taste the Rainbow), Strawberry Blast, Strawberry, Lemon & Blueberry Juice (Sweat & Sour), Tic Tacs, Tiger Blood (Forest King), Toffee Apple, Tropical Fruit Burst (Juice Matto), Vivid Vanilla


With Nicotine, Zero Nicotine

  1. Jamie

    Absolutely love them! Quick delivery and very good customer service.

  2. Hazel

    RY4 is the best tobacco flavour, hands down!

  3. Hugh M.

    I’ve been using the RY6 flavour in the two Electronic Pipes that I own. It is the best ‘Tobacco’ substitute flavour I have tried so far.

    1. Taste is very familiar to smoking tobacco. Though as with all the flavours taste does fade after a days or weeks use and you need to clean your kit.
    2. Feeling on the throat is definitely less than other E-Liquids I have tried. All in all very smooth.
    3. Strength. The With Nicotine version they sell is 12mg which is pretty good for me. I got a free Vanilla one thrown in and that was 6mg.

    Conclusion. A very good E-Liquid. Use code into-the-future to save 25%. It was on a flyer they included with my order. Hope it helps.

  4. Christian

    I agree with Hazel, RY4 is as close as you can get to the actual tobacco taste but the healthy way. Fruity flavours are great but if you want a stronger taste, I definitely recommend this one. Received my order in two days and will be ordering more in the near future. Also, thank you for that nice code, Hugh! I will be using it when I order again (if it still works).

  5. Jennifer

    The coconut one actually smells like really coconut. Almost like some sort of scented candle.

    Deliver was very quick, only 2 days.

    I like the Nicotine level as I found other ones too harsh.

    Will be buying more.

  6. Daniel

    I say forget about the taste of tobacco when you can have some tasty fruit flavours instead. Taste the rainbow and the pear drops ones are my personal favourites.

  7. Nadeem

    Very, very good. They’ve got the mix spot on with this one.

  8. Cyro

    Very cheap at £3 each

    One of the better E-Liquid makers.

    I recommend them

  9. Mo

    Tried Coconut after being recommend to Future Shisha. Got to say I am impressed… My whole room smelt of coconut after giving one a go. Better than smelling of cigarettes! lol

  10. Emma

    Definitely the best looking E-Liquid I’ve seen. Looks slick.

    Tastes decent too!

  11. Tom Farrow

    Good E-liquid

  12. James

    Okay for the price

  13. Emma

    I was recommend RY4 and I think it is a good one. Pretty close to the real thing.

    Not too sure about all the flavoured ones tho

  14. Emzy

    Hangsen RY4 and RY6 are the best tobacco flavours around. This is the cheapest I’ve seen them at, stock up whilst you can! A great deal… and definately worth trying for anyone who likes a tobacco flavoured vape.

  15. Alfred

    I was fully satisfied with future shisha e-liquids. I ordered Red cherry flavor and the taste was great and the vapour production good. Good buy.

  16. Ernest

    RY4 tastes very similar to benson and hedges, excellent tobacco e-liquid.

  17. Rafael

    Big range, cheap and with a couple of gems!

  18. Pauline

    Reminds of all the sweats, nice flavours… Will be buying more

  19. Harold Duncan

    Excellent value! RY4 is the best Tobacco flavour and Future Shisha’s seems just like Hangsen’s which is the original and best. A good place to buy in bulk from if this is your flavour of choice.

    Quick delivery, well packaged. Haven’t had to use support yet.

  20. Skittles

    This is by far the best sweet flavour, needs a restock in non nicotine haven’t tied the nicotine one yet. Very good price too. A++

  21. Toby

    Forest King, which I believe is now called Tiger Blood, or something, is the best top up to any tobacco flavoured liquid, bar none. I’m not so bothered that it is no longer available in nicotine flavour, as I’ve only ever used it as an enhancement to other, tobacco, mixes. It seems like Future Shisha are on the slide, which is a genuine shame

    • Future Shisha

      Hi Toby, glad you like Tiger Blood/Forest Kind and sorry for the delay getting this back in stock.

      We are expecting new stock to arrive end of this week!

  22. Adelle H

    For the price you can’t get any better. RY4 and RY6 are highly recommend for anyone who is looking for Tobacco flavours. Tried the skittles one too which was surprisingly very nice. Quick delivery and good service.

  23. Jeremy

    My go to supplier, good range, lot’s of flavours.

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