Ego Shisha CE5 Stick (E-Cigarette)


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Why the Future Shisha Ego Stick:

  • 1 * Atomizer/Clearomizer, 1 Battery & 1  USB Charger. The whole kit you need to get Vaping!
  • Rechargeable, lasts for up to 600 Puffs Per Charge!
  • Refillable with E-Liquid  (Choose Flavours here)
  • 20 Focus Group Approved Flavours to Choose From!
  • Compatible with all 510 Atomizer Connectors
  • 9 Different Colours!
  • Easy Grip Rubberised Metal Design
  • 1 Year Warranty Covers Battery & USB Charger (Atomizers have an estimated 2 month use lifespan, Ego Stick replacements can be bought here for £1.95)

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Why The Shisha Ego Stick?

Whether you’re dipping your toes in the water for the first time or you’ve found the Ego Shisha Stick after trying our great tasting disposables you are at the right place. The Shisha Ego Stick is a top of class E-Cigarette/E-Shisha unit. Not only is it rechargeable, it’s also refillable with or without nicotine (So perfect for switching from either cigarettes or shisha!). With this kit you are opening up to a whole new world of amazing flavours (20 in total)! Why be stuck with one flavour when you can have them all? Personalise your Ego Stick with one of our  elaborate colours. Get sophisticated with our smooth and unobtrusive silver, black and white models or stand out from the crowd with our metallic red, blue and green designs – great colours if your friends also use e-shisha and there’s always confusion as to whose vape  is whose on the table! The Ego Stick represents great value for money, giving you more freedom, more choice and most importantly of all:  a clean, healthy shisha ego stick experience. Remember to check out our 20 delicious flavours while you’re visiting us. Available both with nicotine and nicotine free, this is soaring up the charts and fast becoming our best seller. Psst – here’s a secret. You can mix and match liquids in one cartomizer, or even carry a supply of cartomizers about with you to switch flavours! Not something that little league disposable can offer just yet.

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Black, Green, Metallic Blue, Metallic Red, Pink, Silver, Turquoise, Yellow