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What Is Electronic Shisha?

Is It Similar To Hookah Smoking?

Electronic shisha devices are meant to be healthier alternatives to hookahs. The results of recent studies clearly suggest that shisha, as it is traditionally smoked (with a water pipe and a heated piece of charcoal) is highly hazardous to human health, because of not only the toxins from the tobacco, but also those from the coal. Most of the general public will admit to knowing the risks associated with cigarettes, but many cannot admit the same about shisha. For example, it is a common misconception that someone who smokes shisha from a hookah will suffer less damage to his or her health than someone who smokes cigarettes. The truth is that a hookah smoker that puffs for an hour will ingest the equivalent of more than 100 cigarettes.

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  • Electronic shisha is a way smokers can enjoy the feeling brought on by nicotine, without suffering detriments to personal health, and without creating detriments to public and environmental health.

Relaxing Hookah Times! What is Electronic Shisha & What Makes It Better?

What Is Electronic Shisha & Why Are These Devices So Popular?

Many electronic shisha devices are the size of a cigarette, and therefore are just as convenient to carry around in a pocket or purse. In fact some people would even consider them to be more convenient, because portable vaporizers do not require a lighter for use. Most are battery-operated. The least expensive models are disposable.

  • Of course, all of this would be of little significance if not for the fact that these devices are much better for human health than both cigarettes and hookahs.

Shisha contains tobacco, which is well known to contain thousands of dangerous chemicals. These chemicals negatively affect the user; those around the user, and of course the environment as well. Portable vaporizers use liquid nicotine, rather than combustible tobacco, and thereby give their users the pleasant effects of shisha, without any of the health risks. The exhaled vapor evaporates before it can even be noticed. At most, a fruity fragrance will remain.

So They Are Healthier Than Hookahs. Are They More Expensive?

As is the case with any consumer product, an increase in popularity creates an increase in competition within the market for electronic shisha devices. As a result, products can be bought to suit any possible consumer need. Expensive devices carefully developed by famous brands, such as Porsche, can be bought by smokers who wish to display affluence or style. At the same time, smokers who just wish to puff casually can buy less-expensive disposable models.

  • One does not need to be rich and famous to afford electronic shisha, although it certainly is a practice that is becoming more and more popular among club-goers and celebrities.

Is This The Future Of Shisha?

As electronic shisha becomes more familiar to the general public, its influence should grow. At least, that would be logical. The use of shisha dates back centuries ago to origins in the Middle East, but the modern era has uncovered health risks that make the practice discourage-able. Now, because of the rise of electronic shisha devices, the use of shisha can continue on for many more centuries without posing any risk to human health (as research suggests).

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