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How to Insert the Kamry K1000 ‘Kick’ – Short Circuit Protection

If the kick is not inserted correctly you can short circuit the K1000, if this happens the spring can become burnt and out of shape. To ensure this does not happen please see the below images:

Traditional Shisha vs. Electronic Shisha (The Battle Commences)

The Attack on Traditional Shisha Some people mistake traditional hookah smoking to be a harmless alternative to cigarette smoking. Results from recent studies however, which were composed to uncover health risks related to smoking shisha, prove that this is not the case. Tobacco is in shisha, so it should be no shock that burning it affects a smoker as a smoked cigarette does. The fumes created by the hookah’s burning … Read More →

World’s Most Elegant Shisha Hot Spots

Cosy sitting environment, sparkling disco lights, and a mist of flavoured smoke relished by all smokers and non-smokers – this is how the present Shisha hotspots are. Presenting flavoured tobacco burnt in an ornamental hookah apparatus has become a smoking trend, and one which is practiced at many a bar, restaurant and cafes. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most classy and elegant shisha hot spots whose visitors … Read More →

5 Things You Never Knew About Shisha

The smoking of Mu’assel (Arabic for ‘honeyed’) or Shisha, is considered a social custom for relaxation and enjoyment, particularly in the Arab world.  The origins of Shisha are disputed; the three countries that are accredited enough to be in the dispute are Turkey, Persia and India.  Smoking Shisha, also called Hookah, for the name of the water pipe that is used to smoke it in, or going to a Shisha … Read More →

Traditional Hookah Bans Come Into Force In The UK – Is It The Right Thing To Do?

This Is A Practice Rooted In History And Tradition In the sixteenth century, hookah smoking first began in the Middle East and in countries such as Pakistan and India where coal-heated water pipes were used to smoke herbs or tobacco. Since then the practice has greatly increased in popularity. Today, hookah lounges–where smokers gather to communally enjoy the feel-good effects of shisha–can be found across the globe. However, just because … Read More →

What Is Electronic Shisha?

Is It Similar To Hookah Smoking? Electronic shisha devices are meant to be healthier alternatives to hookahs. The results of recent studies clearly suggest that shisha, as it is traditionally smoked (with a water pipe and a heated piece of charcoal) is highly hazardous to human health, because of not only the toxins from the tobacco, but also those from the coal. Most of the general public will admit to … Read More →


Future Shisha Brings Them Back Into The Warmth With Electronic Shisha  London, United Kingdom – January 30th, 2014 – If you smoke hookah regularly, you’ve probably noticed that many of your favourite cafes are closing down, and worse, it’s getting harder and harder to enjoy your shisha. Unfortunately, the law is now focusing on shisha as part of the anti-smoking laws – putting you in their target sights. Although the … Read More →