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Traditional Shisha vs. Electronic Shisha (The Battle Commences)

The Attack on Traditional Shisha

Some people mistake traditional hookah smoking to be a harmless alternative to cigarette smoking. Results from recent studies however, which were composed to uncover health risks related to smoking shisha, prove that this is not the case.

  • Tobacco is in shisha, so it should be no shock that burning it affects a smoker as a smoked cigarette does.
  • The fumes created by the hookah’s burning coal can exacerbate numerous concerns as well.

The potential for serious disease may surprise some smokers because the shisha’s soothing fragrance, and the fact that the smoke appears to be filtered through water, makes the experience seem almost therapeutic. Unfortunately when they pull their heads from the sand, these smokers learn that the tar-colored cloud of smoke inhaled while burning a traditional hookah for an hour is comparable to the amount of smoke created by 100+ burned cigarettes. Pleasant aroma or not, that is a lot of dangerous chemicals.

  • Cigarette Tobacco, when burned, releases over 4,000 chemical compounds into the surrounding air, to the dismay of anyone breathing it.
  • Arsenic, carbon monoxide, cyanide, toluene, formaldehyde, acrolein and benzene are some of the cruel chemicals included.
  • Any doctor who is worth his or her pay will warn that these chemicals have been known to create and inflame certain serious health problems.
  1. Heart disease
  2. Respiratory problems
  3. Lung and mouth cancer

The Argument for Electronic Alternatives to Hookah Smoking

Not everyone is a smoker of course, and for non-smokers it can be frustrating when the environment is polluted by tobacco smoke. That is why new electronic alternatives have been developed, and were designed to perform without any combustion. These devices, which in some cases are just larger than a cigarette, emit an odorless vapor, which has much less of a negative impact on personal and environmental health. For the pleasure of many young adults, portable shisha vaporizers may be used indoors–clubs, movie theaters, etc. Because the vapor evaporates in a matter of seconds, some models may even be used in airports.

Will the Health Benefits Overpower the Ritual of Traditional Hookah Smoking?

Smoking from traditional coal-burning hookahs is not a recent innovation. It is a pastime that has existed for many centuries, in fact. The Middle East is where the practice originated, and its influence spread across the globe like wildfire. Today there even is a sort of culture attached to the act of going to hookah lounges. For some, going to a lounge for a puff is just as casual as going to a bar for a drink. What should be understood though, especially by those new to smoking hookah is that its rise in popularity should not suggest that it is a healthier means to ingesting nicotine than cigarette smoking.

  • When shisha is smoked from a pipe, the smoker inhales a dangerous mixture of chemicals created by the combustion of charcoal and tobacco.
  • Electronic shisha vaping devices, as alternatives to traditional hookahs, allow smokers to experience the pleasure brought by puffing on the cleanest shisha, without disturbing the breathing room of anyone around.

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